Malorie Clothing Boutiques Have Some Great Items For Xmas

I love Christmas. The feeling of joy and magic is something that I think not many people ever get to experience. However, at the same time, I think most people want to experience a little more love and joy this Christmas. This year, I decided to go out and find a clothing boutique near my house to give some ongoing attention to my holiday spirit.

There are so many great things I love about Christmas. A few months ago, I read an article about comedy club owner Chuck Tollefson and how he fed and clothed a bunch of RVivali kids. It was one of those articles that made me laugh because at the end of it, he said something like “If you want to feel good and be happy, start a new tradition and dig up those clothes in the attic”. It was touching and I thought, “Yeah, that’s really great!” Then I started to think about the many years of Arctic Slope and how I’ve been able to have a wonderful time and laugh all throughout these years. Then I thought, “Well if everyone feels or thinks good, doesn’t that make sense?”

Another thing that I love about Christmas is that there’s so many opportunities throughout the year to be someone different. I think a lot of time, especially as I get older, I find it really hard to be a person that “gives” and instead prefer to just let myself off easy. It just so happens that this year is the best year for me to try something new. I really admire the fact that people have different choices. You can say you’re not sure if you want to be that person at Christmas time because there’s no guidance to how you want to be at this point other than your own interpretation. However, at this point in time, I feel like a new direction in my life is calling me and I want to be apart of it!

As an aside, the reason I brought up the Arctic Slope is because, at a recent store event, a friend of mine flew in from LA, and while there, we shopped in a clothing boutique. I was surprised to see such a variety of clothing in such a collection, and I realized that even though they were all there, there was still a distinct lack of women’s clothing. Whilst browsing through the clothing, another friend who I also met at the event shared her thoughts on what she thought should be the theme for this year. To me, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to bring people together, not to mention ice-breakers if you are in beverages, you two could be wearing similar colors and still look out of place together.

That’s how I ended up researching and writing this post, to try and help anyone who is going to a Christmas party or a friend’s birthday, a nice clothing boutiques is out there or you could start searching online for a boutique in your area. Most of these are probably 5-10 minute walks from wherever you are, so it won’t be a hassle traveling all the way there, it should be a cinch!

Talk soon about Location. Make sure you have a good reason for wanting to go there. Otherwise, as I just said, it’s just going to be ice-breaker at your party!

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