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Summer 2020 – Five Fashion Tips

A lot of new trends are coming into play in terms of summer 2011 garments. In previous years we’ve seen bright colors, but now slimming styles are in trend as well. It is important to remember that fashion is queen for a reason, because unlike fashion, product launched by today’s trend setters will define the fashion of tomorrow. If you follow the fashion trend paragraphs, below, you’ll be able to find the look that you want to check out that will be on the high streets in the summer of 2020.

Hot Pants

Fashion pants are getting an upgrade this year. Anything that has a high waist a tradition cut with straight legs is coming back in vogue. In fact, the style is considered a steal in terms of fashion, with celebrities like Parker Youngcko, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna donning them. While it is not advised to layer a lot of bulky sweaters and jackets with a lot of knitted sweaters, skinny jeans are on the trend. So throw away those dress pants that you have in the closet and bring your ordinary ones in an elegant tank dress.

The mini skirt

There is a new trend on the high street every spring, and no where more than in London, Paris, New York and Milan, is celebrated. Designers are all working on different versions of the women’s skirt. It is a natural flowing garment with a vertical side seam that is so characteristic of the design. If there is one proliferation in trend, it is this one.


For the short of heart, jumpsuits are this season’s must have item and with the top fashion houses such as Versace, Balmain & Esquire making it part of their 2020 summer collections, it’s no surprise. Again, vertical stripes are key to the overall look, as is a tapered waist. Some variations on the jumpsuit are worth trying such as the Burberry design that comes with multiple boarders.

Women’s tank tops

Practice is essential in the world of fashion and as a rule, every season a trend reappears, only it’s always on the conservative side. This season, women’s tops with a modern spin are back in trend. They are figure huggers rather than revealing, and if they are worn underneath a jacket or they are ruffled, they are totally on trend. The super this summer top that will keep you cool in the sun and yet look like an oblivious girl that has just hit her head off. Or the one that will turn every head in the place you choose to arrive seeing it.


Despite the fact that oversized bags are dead to me now that I’ve tried the new crop of large bags with over the top bling-bling, that doesn’t mean they aren’t totally on trend. A clutch this season will be all the rage, with various versions on the Prada look, including the ubiquitous “ch´it” and Gucci’s version of it, the ever-popular “the big quilted bag”. Should you be brave enough, a military coat is the perfect bag to bottom all of that off.

Obviously these are just a few of the top trends for this summer, and sure to come out on top for 2013. The runways are open but due to the economic might leave many of us with a less extravagant budget, this is the ideal season to step out into the summer season from the comfort of your own home and draw your inspiration from these different fashion sets from across the globe.

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