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The Thrills and Chills of My Shoe Rack… No Really

Do you own more than one pair of shoes?

Maybe, or maybe not.

Most women who I’ve asked say they have more than a few, but most of them would rather have more shoes than be without any at all.

So, why do most women own more than a few pairs of shoes?

One reason is that they enjoy the variety. They enjoy the fact that they can own different shoes to go with a different outfit each morning. Some also enjoy the fact that the shoes go with each other.

Another reason is because they enjoy being able to support different colors. Some have affinity groups of colors they like, and like to own a variety of shoes in those colors. They also like the idea of having different price points for the shoes.

Still, another reason is that they enjoy being able to express different styles. Women enjoy wearing different style shoes to complement each and every outfit they have. Some have many styles of shoes but just cannot seem to find the right ones to match the outfit.

Yet another reason is because some women have feet that are wider than the average. They need better-fitting shoes and don’t mind spending more money than they would have spent had they settled for a pair of shoes that just happened to have the style they wanted.

Also, some women like shoes that are retro. They love the fact that they can identify with the past. Also, the comfort level of the shoe is important to some women.

Yet another reason is that some women like shoes that are classic. These shoes remain in style for years. They can be appropriate for any occasion and passed down from generation to generation.

Yet still, other women buy shoes for performance. They enjoy having an edge in sports, whether or not it is of a competitive nature. More and more shoes are being designed with this aspect in mind.

What are the benefits of this? Well again, variety. The shoes can be worn with a variety of clothes, whether the outfit is casual or formal.

They provide comfort as well. Because the foot is one of the most complex parts of the body, it has some areas that require more attention than others. This is why the comfort of the shoe is so important to some women.

And last of all, the benefits of a shoe, especially one like boots, can be added by the femininity that the shoes give the wearer. A woman can look pretty wearing whatever she wants to wear. A woman can look and feel great regardless of whatever the rest of the world is thinking about her outside looks.

In the end, does it really matter?

What does it matter if someone has more shoes than the other person? Or does it matter if someone owns more expensive shoes?

When it comes down to it, whether one has more shoes than the other person is really beside the point. If both shoe owners are happy, then it is actually all right.

In fact, it is great that people can own whatever they want. Not everyone likes the same things, and everyone has a different opinion on what looks best. banana skins and all that jazz.

Let them have what they want. If they are happy with the ones they have, then that is all that matters.

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