Vintage Tee Shirts From the Bell Bottom Keeps Rollin’

Are you looking for vintage tee shirts? If so, you are in good company. The alternative tee shirt industry has boomed in the last decade. What was once hippy and homemade, carrying buckles and colors that only people with a certain attitude would wear has now become designer and mainstream. When a generation suddenly becomes the strong favorite of business and Wall Street it creates a shift in what people think they care about, and how they spend their money. So now it is all about business and profit. People are prepared to pay any price in order to reap the financial rewards of owning something that has a big name on it and a worn quality that nobody else has.

There are many areas where the electric nature of the fashion industry meets the drabness of our culture. Even the once hippy and Tree-hugging hippies have taken their place as a new and viable force in the world. Thrift stores and flea markets are hotbeds for the trendiest and most fashionable clothing, containing stores that sell, well… anything that nobody else wants. Urban legend has it that there used to be a lot of race mix and match’s of people hanging around the inner swaths of civilization and the affluent. At any given time, you could find perfectly match black t-shirts on neon looking people. They are quite a find, and if you are in a thrift or vintage shop one of a kind find. There are some places that have row upon row of Vintage t-shirts that are literally selling $1.50 each.

Perhaps you are meeting someone from the entertainment industry. If so, then what sort of clothing would be appropriate. Less is more for the director and producer of your favourite movie. And, the most important “no thank you” gift would be something that, no matter what their position within the industry, would let them know you do not like the current trend. I would suggest that they vary their wardrobe choices between the world of the red buttoned shirts and more casual styles. Although the casual does tend to run a little deeper than others, it is wider than the knee.

You are invited to come along for the fashion show of our dreams. We will have all of the fabulous fashions of the well dressed multitude who parade the fashion runway all the time. Come to think of it, it is a lot like going to a fashion auction. I would get up close and personal those are for sure. I would examine each individual costume that they have selected. The basics of each look should be present. Hopefully some of them will surprise me. I do not have a nickel if they do not. The fashions that end up on the hanger are the ones that will not be chosen over the others. The only other thing that is in play is that seamstress will make the perfect fit for the perfectly shaped line of a body as best serves the creative artist. I am sure the models did a lot of practice movements to get all those wonderful clothes to look so beautiful.

Let us talk about going to the fashion auction and buying something. I would do it very slowly and carefully. Don’t get an emotional reaction from the audience. They are auctioning off your old and worn clothing to make room for new ones. There are emotional responses that designers get from the audience after they have gone through an inventory of what they have to sell. Some respond well and gain a lot of success, some don’t. It all depends on what will sell. I would go to the best designers to make fashion purchases. To broaden my fashion horizon I would purchase from those who are inspiring other designers.

Creativity is all well and good, but to truly buy a thing, to truly own it, would be one of the greatest accomplishments. I own many things, but a kitchen unit, a couple of cars, a dog and the marvellous shoe collection from my wonderful ex-boyfriend. One morning he called me on the phone and said, “Drive to Walmart and pick anything you want on sale”. In my world that is all a lot better than miles of retail outlet stores. Of course I had my eye on the fabulous shoes at Target, but I didn’t have to go to Target to get them, (you can get them online). I called the sales lady and told her what my idea was for my new venture. She said something happened to me today which I appreciate, (you never know what possibilities are for you), so she gave me the phone number of one of her daughters, who invent new fashions at Target. I dropped one dime and the loafers came and were fabulous. Next thing I knew they were sold out of the store.

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