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Three Reasons Why You Need a Designer Handbag

Do you have a party around the corner? Do you want to go and complete that hot new look you have been planning on wearing? Is there a special occasion you need to attend? When you thought you would need to grab your dress and go, you should not have to think twice about needing to carry a giant tote bag. This article will look at three reasons why a tote bag will make you useful for any occasion or situation.

1. Brace

What do you think is the most important item in a woman’s closet? I will tell you right now that it is definitely the wallet. Women can spend literally hundreds of dollars on their purses and then quickly trade it in for something else that they think is more modern, trendier, or fashionable. But how useful is that? You might say, the obvious answer here is that it is useful to carry a big tote bag that makes it easier to carry the important items. You can purchase numerous small clutch purses for a total of several hundred bucks. But how useful are those?

2. Leather

It has been seen that women are agog to purchase a designer tote bag. But how useful do they really think that these bags will be? Guys, do you think that girls really purchase bags to carry their clothes? Maybe just as a fashion statement. But the truth is for women who want to have a modern and stylish look, it is one of the most sought after items that you could possibly own. A few involved such as Kate Moss, have definitely helped sell her personally designed line of leather bags and leather accessories in the United Kingdom. But do you think that those leather handbags are as glamorous and stylish as the ones made by Coach? I know you must be drooling at the thought of another bag by Coach but the answer is yes. There are girls who will only purchase a one of a kind purse.

3. Weaves

If you are familiar with weaving, you must have seen a weaved bag immediately means that it is made by a certain type of leather such as cowhide or lambskin. These are more popular than any other leather that can be used to make bags. For example, it is much easier to weave a cowhide than it is to weave a lambskin. But you may ask the question, just what makes Coach so much more superior to other bag manufacturers? Is it the price or the level of quality?

Coach has been making leather handbags purposely for over 60 years. They have released new styles and collections continuously year after year. As a matter of fact, the quality of a Coach bag is guaranteed to last much longer than any other bag brand out there. They have a product lifetime warranty with their leather goods. If you have the choice, you absolutely need one of these bags. They can easily become the most expensive purse you will ever buy if you don’t buy quality. But if you want to save money, there are different options. You can choose to buy second hand, used, or tar petted bags instead of buying a new one. They are all still made with the same methods and quality as the original bags.

Coach creates whimsical and beautiful bags year after year. They have several collections and the type of leather does not change much. In fact, it is the quality and artistry that makes them one of the best handbag makers in the world. Who knows, your daughter may one day ask you for your leather handbag.

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